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Membership Has Benefits

In conjunction with Ateliea distillery, we bring to you The Wing Society!

An exclusive group of people that wants a little bit more from their distillery.

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Welcome To

The Wing Society

You always wanted to be a part of a movement; with the Wing Society membership, you now have front row seat.  Experience the evolution in rum and art, and Rum as an Art.

Only the Best

Exclusive Access, Attentive Service

The Wing Society membership is designed to provide a lot more, to the customers who desires a lot more from a distillery.  Yes, we are a rum distillery, but that does not stop us from trying to wow you at every turn.  Become a member and see just how good you can have it.

A-Wing Spot Access

You and a guest get access to your private, members only lounge with large 4K displays, Hi-Fi sound system, premium lounge seating, entertaining reading material, card and domino table, and a private server.

Priority Event Access

There is always something going on at Ateliea.  From intimate private concerts, to bottle releases, to industry nights, to scavenger hunts, and everything in between.  You will have priority access to all of those events.

Personalized Rum Barrel

You will get a voucher for, not one, but two 10 liter barrel of rum to age.  And best of all, you can age one at the distillery.  you can have your rum displayed with your name for everyone to see.  Best of all, you say when it is done, you can redeem your voucher and have it bottled when you think its just right.

Private Distillery Tour

You and three of your best friends will have access to a private distillery tour hosted by the owner and head distiller himself; Ronford Howell.  There is no better way to show your friends the level of access you have.

A-Wing Pin / First Taste

Not only do you get an A-Wing pin to denote your support for local craft spirits, but you also get to try the rum first at our, private, First Taste events.  We are going to show how versitile rum can be, and you will be the first one to taste it; with your beautiful A-Wing pin.


With all of the benefits available to you with membership, what more can you ask for?  How about discounts?  Yeah, why not!  As a thank you for being a member and supporting local businesses, local art, and local craft rum; You now have, up to, 20% discount on all of the accessory items we carry at the distillery.

Membership Plans

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